Ellen Brown Robinson
INSPIRE, the joy practice
Artist. Author. Numerologist. Creative Catalyst. Joy Oracle.



Ellen Brown Robinson
INSPIRE, the joy practice
Artist. Author. Numerologist. Creative Catalyst. Joy Oracle.

about ellen

In my childhood I had no idea that I could be an Artist or that I was an Artist. I now know that Artist is an Energy that One is. I am an Artist in my very Soul. It is the Energy I bring through Me from my Essence.

Before I realized my Artist, I went down a more traditional path. I majored in English Journalism in College and went on to work in corporate relations and nonprofit fundraising and management for the next 20+ years. Somewhere along the line I went back to school and got my Masters in Public Affairs.

In 2006, I began to awaken to my life and realized that I didn’t want to continue to live the way I was living. It felt like I was on autopilot. I wanted to live differently, although at the time I couldn’t say what that was. A coach of mine at the time brought paints and canvas to a session and after a few minutes I grudgingly began to paint. I felt a feeling that I had not felt before. Or at least could not name. Now I know that what I felt was FREE.

It was at that point that my known life ended and my yet to be life began to unfold moment by moment.

My original vision: To Inspire Others Through Creative Expression, was the thought seed that has now manifested into what Inspire, the joy practice is today - Art, Art Apparel & Accessories, Books, Numerology & Creativity Experiences for teams and groups.

I am an ARTIST, a creative coach and joy catalyst, LIVING LIFE MORE ALIVE AND ON FIRE in every moment. It's been so LOVELY - this process of dropping the IDEA of Me and simply BEING Me.

My purpose in this life is to live life intentionally, authentically and with an open heart. My stalwart partner in life, Tim Robinson, and our two wise-beyond-their-years children, keep it all real. Creative Genius lives within all of us. I believe that the intellectual mind is just one part of the genius equation and that when we add in the elements of the heart and soul, we are launched into UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY. 

The process of letting go of who we think we should be to allow who we truly are is not an easy one. But it is a BADASS one and so worth it. This has been my journey and I am here to share it with YOU.



Numerology is a language of love given to us for our soul's evolution. Numbers are energy, and each number, 1-9 resonates with a specific energy. This energy is here to support us in being who we are authentically. I offer individual sessions, group outings and private classes. I am also available for speaking engagements.


Learning to allow our TRUE NATURE to EXPRESS is BADASS. I offer Creativity Experiences for individuals, groups and teams that empower AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION. We are, every single one of us, inherently creative. How? Because at any moment we have the power to choose a new thought. And this new thought has the power to transform our lives! I partner with individuals, teams and groups to get clear on what it is they want, using visioning and expressive painting. Clients have included Lumina Foundation, Butler University, Harrison College, Connected by 25, Crestview Elementary School, Winding Ridge Elementary School, Fort Ben YMCA Older Adults, ADP and numerous individuals.


Joy is our Natural State. However, we have been conditioned away from our natural state, and supplanted with ideas and beliefs of how we "should" or "should not" behave, what we "should" or "should not" do and what's "right" and "good" versus what's "wrong" and "bad." This conditioning is a film that covers the True Self. When we can strip away this conditioning, we become reacquainted with our natural state of being - JOY - and begin to experience readily Creativity, Aliveness, Possibility, Gratitude, Compassion, Abundance, Peace, Freedom & Vulnerability. I offer individual sessions and groups experiences. I am also available for speaking engagements.


Book the Inspire Creativity Studio by the hour.  For a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four hours, enjoy the wonder, joy and harmony that is the Inspire Studio.  The time is yours. Ellen Robinson will be on hand to provide Numerology and/or Tarot & Angel Card readings and all items in the Inspire Boutique including clothing, accessories, and original art are all 20% off the evening of your booking.  Bring your own snacks & drinks! Minimum booking is two hours with a maximum of four hours. $100/hour.  For an additional $15/person, those that desire to create a painting, may do so. Maximum of 8 people. For larger groups, contact us.  Tips to acknowledge a phenomenal experience are accepted and greatly appreciated.

private sessions

(Sessions take place at my studio, which is in the Geist area or via phone)

REMOTE via text - $35 (Numerology only)

REALLY QUICK SESH - I literally only need 15 minutes! - $25 via phone

QUICK SESH - Just need a refresh or to discuss one or two topics - 30-Minute via Phone, $50

FULL SESH - Plenty of Time to Dig In! - 60-Minute In-Person or Phone, $85

ULTRA SESH - I Need Extra Today! - 90-Minute In-Person or Phone, $125

COUPLES SESH - Grab your honey and head in for a 90-Minute Session, $145

5-SESH Package - Five one-hour sessions to use as needed and wanted - $350 (expires within three months of first session)

6-Month Package - Twelve hours of sessions to use as needed and wanted - $795 (expires within six months)

12-Month Package - Twenty-four hours of sessions to use as needed and wanted - $1,500 (expires withing one year)

Numerology Classes - Click here for currently scheduled classes or contact me to schedule your private class.

Contact me for quotes on group and corporate sessions and speaking engagements. 

50% deposit reserves your time slot for group sessions. Deposit will be applied to total cost of session. Deposit is non-refundable. The balance due for group session payments are required at the beginning of the group session as a single payment (no multiple checks, etc.).

24-hour cancellation policy for private and semi-private sessions. Less than 24-hours notice and no-shows will be charged at the appropriate session rate.